Elon Musk Criticizes Biden’s Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

  • May 24, 2024
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Elon Musk Criticizes Biden’s Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has voiced his opposition to the US tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles (EVs). This comes just days after President Joe Biden significantly increased these levies, a move intended to protect US jobs and respond to what the White House calls “unfair policies” by China.

Speaking via video link at a technology conference in Paris, Musk stated, “Neither Tesla nor I asked for these tariffs.” He went on to express his belief that such trade barriers are counterproductive, adding, “Things that inhibit freedom of exchange or distort the market are not good.”

This stance appears to contradict Musk’s earlier warning in January, where he cautioned that Chinese car manufacturers could potentially “demolish” their competitors if no trade barriers were in place. “Tesla competes quite well in the market in China with no tariffs and no deferential support. I’m in Favour of no tariffs,” he said.

The recent decision by the Biden administration to impose a 100% tariff on Chinese EVs has sparked significant debate. President Biden has maintained several tariffs in China that were introduced by former President Donald Trump while also increasing trade pressure on Beijing. Biden has pledged not to allow China to “unfairly control the market” for EVs and other critical goods, including batteries, computer chips, and essential medical supplies.

China has responded strongly to these tariff hikes, indicating it will take retaliatory measures. This week, China initiated an anti-dumping investigation into imports of a widely used plastic, polyoxymethylene copolymer, from the US, EU, Taiwan, and Japan. This move is seen as a signal that China is prepared to retaliate in its ongoing trade disputes with the US and Europe.

For young people who are increasingly invested in sustainable and electric transportation, these trade tensions could have significant implications. The outcome of this trade dispute may affect the availability and pricing of electric vehicles, which are becoming a popular choice for environmentally conscious consumers.




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