Give him a blackout! Burale lectures Kanyari

  • May 23, 2024
  • 2 min read
Give him a blackout! Burale lectures Kanyari

Pastor Victor Kanyari’s recent live sessions on TikTok have made him a hot topic of conversation, with some amusing moments and others sparking controversy. Critics claim that he has strayed from his original mission of preaching. The latest controversy centers around his interaction with socialite Chokuu.

In an unverified video, Chokuu hosted an interactive session where Kanyari joined in. The video shows Kanyari informing Chokuu that he would apply anointing oil on him to alter his lifestyle.

However, Robert Burale, renowned man of God had come out and talked about Kanyari’s controversies.

In a lengthy facebook post, Burale posted,

‘’Now we have all talked about Kanyari.. do I think he has lost the plot? Yes absolutely, an extremely lustful and perverted spirit has completely taken over him and while at it he is making alot of money via tik tok.”

Adding, ‘. Sasa huyu kanyari…..GIVE HIM A BLACK OUT…LETS MAKE JESUS KNOWN and people will automatically move away from such absolute nonsense. Let the devil not turn us to bloggers.’

On May 19, Pastor Victor Kanyari’s church service at the Salvation Healing Ministry drew a crowd of 200 TikTokers, with some attendees reportedly misbehaving. The controversy began when Kanyari, standing at the pulpit, displayed three unusual items: Kotex panty liners, Arimis petroleum jelly, and a packet of condoms. The shocking revelation was further fueled by a woman named Faith, who publicly declared her love for the pastor and expressed her willingness to settle down with him.

In response to widespread criticism, Kanyari hosted a live TikTok session on May 21 to address the allegations. The event attracted 12,800 viewers, with many sharing their thoughts on the guest list. However, the live session quickly descended into chaos as some attendees became unruly and used profanity.



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