Golf star Thompson retires at 29 due to mental health challenges.

  • May 30, 2024
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Golf star Thompson retires at 29 due to mental health challenges.

At just 29 years old, Lexi Thompson, a prominent figure in women’s golf, has announced her retirement from professional golf at the conclusion of this season, marking a significant moment in her career. With an impressive record of 15 victories, Thompson shared her decision to retire from the sport during a press conference.

In her statement, Thompson disclosed that she had been contemplating semi-retirement for some time, citing mental health considerations as a major factor in her decision-making process.

Although this has been an amazing journey, it hasn’t always been an easy one,” Thompson said in the letter, which was shared on Instagram along with a video montage of highlights from her career. “Since I was 12 years old, my life as a golfer has been a whirlwind of constant attention, scrutiny and pressure. The cameras are always on, capturing every swing and every moment on and off the golf course.”

Thompson’s retirement announcement comes at a time of increased attention on mental health issues in sports, highlighted by recent events such as the tragic suicide of PGA Tour golfer Grayson Murray, who publicly struggled with mental health challenges. Similarly, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Stetson Bennett’s decision to take a break from sports to prioritize his mental well-being reflects a growing trend of athletes acknowledging and addressing their mental health needs.

She continued, “It’s an important thing to address and be okay with getting help and getting the support and surrounding yourself with the people that support you and love you because there are always people who do care so much about you and will help you get through those tough moments.”

Lexi Thompson’s announcement serves as a poignant reminder of the necessity to prioritize mental health in sports and contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding athlete well-being across all levels of competition.



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