Man Discovers Bride is a man 12 Days After Wedding

  • May 31, 2024
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Man Discovers Bride is a man 12 Days After Wedding

In a shocking turn of events, an Indonesian man known only as AK, 26, discovered that his bride, Adinda Kanza, also 26, was actually a man, twelve days after their wedding. The pair had initially met on Instagram in 2023 and dated in person for a year before deciding to tie the knot.

During their courtship, Adinda consistently wore a traditional Muslim niqab, which covered her entire face. AK interpreted this as a sign of her deep devotion to Islam. Trusting in her supposed faith and her story of having no surviving family, AK agreed to marry Adinda in a small ceremony at his home on April 12.

However, AK soon grew suspicious of his new wife. Adinda avoided intimacy, citing reasons such as being on her period or feeling unwell. Additionally, she refused to interact with AK’s family and continued to wear her niqab even at home. These behaviors led AK to investigate further.

AK’s investigation took him to Adinda’s former address, where he made a startling discovery. Adinda’s parents, who were alive and well, revealed that AK’s wife was actually their son, ESH, who had begun cross-dressing in 2020. They were unaware of ESH’s relationship with AK, let alone the marriage.

When confronted by the police, ESH admitted to having married AK with the intention of stealing his family’s assets. Despite Adinda’s convincing appearance and female-sounding voice, which even fooled those who saw their wedding photos, ESH’s true identity was exposed. ESH is now facing fraud charges for the deception.

Further reports indicate that ESH enjoyed pretending to be a woman while dating men and had also dated women in the past. This complex case has raised questions about identity, trust, and the lengths to which some individuals will go for deceitful gains.



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