Mombasa Gov. Burns Muguka, Prioritizing Youth Safety.

  • May 24, 2024
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Mombasa Gov. Burns Muguka, Prioritizing Youth Safety.

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir has made headlines with his recent executive order banning the sale and use of muguka and its products in the county. The move, aimed at safeguarding the health and well-being of Mombasa’s residents, particularly its youth, marks a significant step towards addressing the social and health challenges associated with the consumption of the stimulant.

In an executive order dated May 22, Governor Nassir declared a complete ban on the sale and use of muguka within the county borders. Additionally, he announced that no motor vehicles carrying muguka products would be permitted entry into Mombasa. This decisive action underscores the governor’s commitment to curbing the proliferation of harmful substances and promoting a healthier environment for all residents.

This recent ban comes on the heels of Governor Nassir’s previous directive to prohibit miraa and muguka businesses near schools. During an event at Khadija Primary School, he emphasized the importance of protecting school-going children from exposure to muguka, citing its affordability and potential negative impact on their well-being. Governor Nassir’s unwavering stance on prioritizing the safety of Mombasa’s youth sends a clear message that their welfare is non-negotiable.

Muguka, a stimulant popularly chewed for its euphoric effects, has been a cause for concern in many communities due to its addictive nature and associated health risks. By banning its sale and use, Governor Nassir is taking proactive measures to address the root causes of substance abuse and promote healthier lifestyle choices among Mombasa’s residents.

While some may argue that the ban infringes on individual freedoms, it is essential to recognize that the primary goal is to protect public health and safety, particularly that of vulnerable populations such as children and adolescents. By creating a supportive environment free from the influence of harmful substances, Governor Nassir is laying the foundation for a brighter and healthier future for Mombasa.

In implementing this ban, Governor Nassir has demonstrated leadership and vision in addressing complex social and public health challenges. Moving forward, it is crucial for the county government to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to enforce the ban effectively and provide support for individuals affected by its implementation. Together, we can create a Mombasa where all residents can thrive in a safe and healthy environment.



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