Pangani Girl Returns 300 million, Gets Good Citizen Award

  • May 28, 2024
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Pangani Girl Returns 300 million, Gets Good Citizen Award

In a heartwarming display of integrity, a Form 1 student from Pangani Girls High School made headlines after handing over a bag containing 300 million shillings to the police. The extraordinary act of honesty has earned her a well-deserved “Good Citizen Award” certificate, sparking admiration across the nation.

The young learner, whose name has not been disclosed, stumbled upon the bag of money during her commute to school. Despite the temptation such a colossal sum might pose, she immediately decided to do the right thing. “I found the bag and knew instantly that it didn’t belong to me. My focus is on my studies, not money,” she explained, demonstrating wisdom and maturity well beyond her years.

Her decision to turn over the money to the authorities has not only brought her accolades but also highlighted the values instilled in students at Pangani Girls High School. The school, known for its academic excellence, also emphasizes the importance of moral and ethical values among its students. The headmistress, Mrs. Mary Njeri, expressed immense pride in the student’s actions, stating, “She has set a remarkable example for her peers and the entire country. This is the kind of integrity we aim to nurture in our students.”

The police have commended the student’s honesty, noting that such acts are rare and should be celebrated. The bag of money, whose owner is yet to be identified, is currently in police custody as investigations continue. Meanwhile, the student’s story has gone viral, with netizens applauding her commendable act.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder that integrity and honesty are invaluable traits, particularly in today’s world. The Pangani Girls student has not only earned a certificate but also the respect and admiration of many. Her actions underscore the importance of ethical conduct and the power of doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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