Priest Bites Woman While Attempting To Administer Communion at Sunday Mass

  • May 24, 2024
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Priest Bites Woman While Attempting To Administer Communion at Sunday Mass

In a shocking event that happened at Sunday Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in St. Cloud, Florida, a priest who was distributing Communion got into a physical altercation with a female parishioner. The woman approached Father Fidel Rodriguez’s Communion line at around ten in the morning, ostensibly unaware of the correct protocol, according to Diocese of Orlando officials, and that is when the altercation started.

When the same woman showed up for the noon Mass and again blocked Father Rodriguez’s Communion line, rumors had it that things became heated. Reportedly, she dismissed the priest’s questioning regarding her involvement in the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) by saying it wasn’t his business.

With only one hand free, Father Rodriguez struggled to restrain the woman as she refused to release the hosts. In response to her perceived aggression, he bit her hand to prompt her to let go of the hosts she had seized.

The Eucharist is revered greatly in Catholic tradition, where it is considered the source and summit of worship and faith. Therefore, as the Diocese of Orlando has noted, correct comprehension, reverence, and devotion are stressed during the act of sharing in Holy Communion.

It was clarified by officials that Father Rodriguez had no prior knowledge of the woman’s background. While physical altercations are not condoned by the Diocese of Orlando, it was stated that Father Rodriguez’s actions were aimed at preventing desecration of the Holy Communion, a duty he is bound to uphold as a priest.

The Diocese of Orlando emphasized its belief in respecting people of all faiths and ensuring that religious ceremonies remain undisturbed. According to church officials, Father Rodriguez attempted to offer Holy Communion to the woman on her tongue. However, the situation escalated when she forcefully grabbed sacred Communion hosts from the vessel, crushing them.

The Diocese of Orlando has not commented further since the event, citing an ongoing inquiry. The altercation has caused a stir in the community and contemplation on proper behavior during religious ceremonies.



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