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The darkest side of Campus & Youth gambling

  • May 22, 2024
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The darkest side of Campus & Youth gambling

In the hustle and bustle of campus life, where dreams soar and possibilities abound, there’s a shadow lurking: gambling. For many students, the idea of quick cash is tempting, pulling them into a world of bets and trades. But beneath the surface, there’s a dangerous path where chasing easy money can lead to heartbreak and tragedy.

It starts innocently—a bet with friends or checking out online gambling sites. But soon, it can become an obsession. Winning feels great, and students start taking bigger risks to keep that feeling going.

Online gambling makes it even easier. With just a few clicks on their phones, students can get sucked into a world where reality fades away. But behind the convenience lies a trap, pulling them deeper into a cycle of addiction and despair.

Losing money isn’t the only problem. It’s the stress and anxiety that come with it. The pressure to win can be overwhelming, and the fear of losing can feel like a heavy weight.

And then there’s the belief that easy money is the only way to succeed. When students see others making money quickly through gambling, they feel like they’re missing out. They start thinking they can’t succeed through hard work alone.

Sadly, for some, the burden becomes too much. They see no way out and feel like they have no choice but to end their own lives. The shame and guilt of addiction, along with the crushing debt, become too much to bear.

To stop this, we need to talk about it more. Students need to know the risks of gambling and where to turn for help. We need to show them that success comes from hard work, not luck.

And on campus, we need to make sure there’s support for students struggling with gambling addiction. Only by shining a light on the problem can we hope to prevent more tragedies from happening.




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