VDJ Jones Surprises Father with a Car After Tremendous Sacrifices

  • May 27, 2024
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VDJ Jones Surprises Father with a Car After Tremendous Sacrifices

Kenya’s popular DJ, VDJ Jones, real name James Achido Onyango, recently surprised his father with a car after saving diligently to repay what he felt was a debt of gratitude. In a heartfelt gesture, VDJ Jones shared the touching story of how his father fell ill in 2014 but still sold his car to ensure that his son could sit for his final exams and graduate from Multimedia University. This act of sacrifice was a profound inspiration for VDJ Jones, who was determined to repay his father for his unwavering support.

VDJ Jones expressed his joy and gratitude on his Facebook page, which boasts 500k followers. He wrote, “I’m finally a happy man. I have a testimony ❤️. If not for this man, I would not be someone today. I gave my dad a gift. He sold his car back in 2014 when he was sick and bedridden so that I could sit for my final exams at Multimedia University. It has taken me this long after campus to finally pay this debt.” His followers quickly responded with messages of congratulations and admiration. Claude Mtsimbari commented, “Congratulations, sir, those are blessings.” Izo Clutch added, “It was a good thing to do. More blessings, bro.” Zeff Nyangolo said, “So inspiring. May God continue to uplift you.” Stephen Magige expressed, “Wow, I love that spirit. Hopefully, my dad will be as happy as yours one day.” Sonia Imani also shared her congratulations to both VDJ Jones and his father.

After graduating with a degree in journalism from Multimedia University, VDJ Jones has climbed the ladder of success to become one of Kenya’s top video DJs. His goal is to elevate Kenyan music to the international scene through quality music production. He has produced nationally recognized hits such as “Nakulombotove” remix, “Dance Ikibamba,” “Zimepanda,” “Kwotekwote,” “Kata Tenje,” and many more. Despite his current success, VDJ Jones has faced challenges, including being paid just 150 shillings to perform in his early days. His story is a testament to perseverance and the importance of parental support.

VDJ Jones’ journey reminds us of the invaluable role that parents and guardians play in our lives. Without his father’s sacrifice, we might not have had the opportunity to enjoy VDJ Jones’ music and talent. May we all learn to cherish and appreciate the selfless contributions of those who support us, and strive to repay their kindness through our success and gratitude.



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